Meet the partners

Fifteen partners participate in the Multiple Benefits project, led by Fraunhofer ISI in Germany. Partners represent eleven European countries, and our partner networks cover all European countries as well as most world regions.

Our core capabilities and competencies include:

  • Corporate finance and financial accounting
  • Investment decision making and behaviour
  • Energy engineering
  • Industrial process engineering and systems analysis
  • Building energy systems
  • Training and Serious Gaming
  • Energy policy, regulations
  • Strategic communications

Meet our team

We are a motivated, multi-disciplinary team ready to make positive changes for your organisation and the environment!

Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI)

Dr. Clemens Rohde is the Project Director and has served as Coordinator of the Business Unit Energy Efficiency since 2012. He studied civil engineering at Technische Universität Darmstadt and received a doctoral degree at the same university in 2007. His work involves several national and international research projects on waste management and technology as well as life cycle assessment, especially in product development. His areas of focus include energy efficiency potentials in industry, services and buildings, the impacts of energy management systems and the evaluation of energy efficiency policies and financing instruments.

Ms. Katharina Wohlfarth works at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI/ Karlsruhe in the Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Markets. She studied psychology (Dipl.-Psych.), economics and mathematics at the University of Freiburg. Her diploma thesis was with a research company focusing on energy efficiency and smart metering. Afterwards she worked as market researcher on new energy products and services, efficiency programs and intelligent energy measurement. Her work focus is on evaluation of field studies, acceptance and effects of technologies.

Borg & Co + European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee)

Mr. Nils Borg has worked with energy efficiency policy and programmes for the past 20 years, mainly as a consultant in international projects and for national energy agencies. His background is in social sciences, policy and he is a journalist by training. He has served as the eceee Executive Director for over 20 years, and been involved in EU-projects ranging from assessing policy impacts to financing industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. He is the Operating Agent of the IEA 4E Solid State Lighting Annex, working with governments worldwide on best practice policies related to SSL.

Mr. Jason Erwin is a Senior Consultant at Borg & Co, where he leads projects and coordinates communications. A recent focus is on financing energy efficiency and renewable projects and analysing new business models with efficiency in focus. Project work and clients include the European Commission, United Nations Environmental Programme, the International Energy Agency, and the Swedish Energy Agency. Prior to joining Borg & Co, Jason managed North American initiatives to grow markets for energy efficient products and buildings in the USA and Canada. 

Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)

Ms. Vivian Dorizas is a Project Manager at BPIE, holding a PhD in Indoor Environmental Quality and Ventilation from the University of Athens. As Project Manager for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) in Low Energy Ventilation Systems at the University College London (UCL), she designed and executed monitoring campaigns on the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Ventilation and evaluated the impacts of Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems on the built environment and its occupants. She has also contributed to the development of the curriculum of the new MSc in Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability in Buildings of the Bartlett, UCL.

Ms. Marine Faber joined BPIE in 2013 and is a Senior Communications Manager. She manages the communications team, is responsible for EU-funded project communications, edits publications and newsletters, manages social media accounts and several projects’ websites. She also liases with media and partners. Marine graduated from the EM Lyon Management School (France), where she focused on sustainability in communications. Prior to BPIE she worked in Norway on renewable energies and ethics in business, managed events for a French Local Energy Agency and Music and Street Art Festival, and worked at an Environmental Consulting agency in Brussels. 

Graz Energy Agency

Mr. Reinhard Ungerböck is a Senior Expert at GEA with a focus on energy services incuding development of new business models and behavioural change in companies and the public sector. His experience includes international and national research projects (EESI, EESI2020, Re-Co, EPC+), contract design and tender procurement of EPC-projects, energy efficiency in companies, buildings, hospitals and nursing homes (technical analysis and improvement concepts).


Professor Dominique Jaccard is a Senior Expert with 10 years of experience in the development of serious games and simulations. As the head of the research team "serious games" at the Media Engineering Institute at HEIG-VD, Dominique leads research & development projects with the goal to design innovative solutions for higher and professional education.

Institute for Resource Efficiency & Energy Strategies (IREES)

Mr. Felipe Andrés Toro leads the Energy Projections and Technologies unit at IREES and has over 8 years of European and International project experience in the areas of renewable energy, technological developments and market potential, R&D Developments and bottlenecks as well as Climate Change and environmental contributions. In addition he has also participated in European and German Projects on Energy Efficiency for Energy Intensive Industries. A Civil Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia with a MBA on the International Management of Resources and Environment from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. 

Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency (FIRE)

Mr. Dario Di Santo is in charge of human resources, members and energy manager networks, EU projects and institutional activities management at FIRE. He is in charge for the setting up of initiatives and programmes for FIRE members, including training courses. He has coordinated numerous EU and national-level projects, supporting training courses in energy efficiency, energy management and energy performance contracting as well as diffusion activities for energy efficiency.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts (HSLU)

Dr. Anna-Julia Schlegel is a Senior Scientist and Research Project Manager at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne, Switzerland. She pursues research on efficient industrial processes, including multiple benefits, and works on techno-economic analyses of the power economy. Prior to joining HSLU in 2018, she worked in pharmaceutical industry, at a start-up developing solar cells and as a teacher. She holds a PhD in Chemistry and has studied Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences, a combination of physics and chemistry. She also writes science stories for magazines.

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Associate Professor Sotirios Karellas, specialist on energy systems, energy storage, solar-thermal energy, biomass, ORC technology, decentralized energy systems, heat pumps, and tri-generation systems. He has over 100 relevant publications in scientific journals and conferences. He has had technical and coordination responsibilities in a number of projects at NTUA (2006-present) and at the Technische Universität München (2001-2006). He has significant industrial experience in power production plants, co/tri-generation systems, heat pumps and chillers. He is full member of the editorial board of 5 scientific journals dealing with energy systems and renewable energy sources.

Ms. Christina Hatzilau is an MSc Physicist and a scientific member of the Laboratory of Steam Boilers & Thermal Plants of NTUA. Her interests include the Day ahead Electricity Generation Planning with integration of variable RES (PhD theme), Pollution abatement technology, Clean Technologies in Industry, Emissions Trading and application of Environmental & Energy Policy measures. She has been an EU-ETS Emissions Trading Agent in Greece of an EU Brokerage House from 2011 to 2016 and has experience in ISO 14001 and Clean Technologies implementation in Industry. 

Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE)

Dr. Ryszard Wnuk is a Senior Expert at KAPE, a Mech. Eng. with an MSc from Warsaw Technical University, Mechanical Faculty for Aviation and Energetic; PhD and Dr at Polish Academy of Sciences. His areas of expertise include renewable energies, energy efficiency, rational use of energy; new methods of energy conservation and storage; managing and financing RES and EE investment projects; policy and regulations relating to sustainable energy, RES and EE on EU, national and local levels. He also performed feasibility studies of investments on renewable energies systems and improving energy efficiency measures. 

Eng. Piotr Nowakowski graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw in the field of Renewable Energy Technologies. He has worked at KAPE since 2016 in the Research and Projects Department, performing technical analyses and feasibilities studies of RES investments. Piotr is the executor of EU projects relevant to RES and EE within the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe and Horizon 2020 including: Fair RHC Options and Trade FRoNT, Bioenergy4Business, Request2Action, EU-HEROES (ongoing), WinWind (ongoing) and Energy Bus. Also, he is engaged in energy efficiency topics including realisation of the following projects: ODYSSEE-MURE and Multiple Benefits of energy efficiency (ongoing).

University of Coimbra (ISR-UC)

Dr. Anibal De Almeida (PhD), is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering. He is the co-author of six books on energy efficiency and more than two hundred papers in international journals, meetings and conferences. He has coordinated and participated in several European projects focused on energy efficiency, energy storage, renewable energies technologies policies and programmes. He is scientific advisor and consultant to several international organisations (ECEEE, Eurelectric, UNDP, GEF, UNIDO), and has coordinated several EU and international projects on energy efficiency (e.g., SAVE studies on Motors and Drives, the EuP Lot 11 Motors study, and Lot 30: Motors and Drives for implementing measures of the Eco-design Directive). 

University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute (ECI)

Dr. Tina Fawcett is a senior researcher at ECI. Her research concerns energy use by organisations and households, and uses a multi-disciplinary approach to understand current patterns of use, the impacts of policies and to identify opportunities for reducing energy use and carbon emissions. She is currently working on energy-related decision making in SMEs for the UK Energy Research Centre, and recently completed work on the H2020 project IN-BEE, which concerned the multiple benefits of energy efficiency. Her research includes assessing policy at national and EU-levels, and she has published widely on national and international research projects.

Dr. Gavin Killip is a senior researcher at ECI. His research focuses on finding ways to create and maintain sustainable built environments, taking account of broader social and economic effects of low-energy policy and delivery. Taking a broad sociotechnical systems approach, his work investigates the operation of markets for construction, including maintenance and repair. He contributed to the H2020 project IN-BEE.

University of Lausanne (UNIL)

Dr. Catherine Cooremans leads development of the Multiple Benefits evaluation, communication, and training toolkit. Since 2006, she has focused on research, teaching and consulting in the field of energy-efficiency investments to understand investment behavior, how to influence investment behavior, and with a focus on developing the business case of energy-efficiency projects for companies. She has led training of Energy Managers in Switzerland on investment decision making over the last five years, and is also co-leader of the NRP71 project on the determinants of energy efficiency investment.

Utrecht University

Ms. Wina Graus (PhD), is a Assistant Professor Energy & Resources within the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable development. Her research focuses on sustainable energy demand and supply in industries and the electricity sector, and she teaches in the Energy & Materials track for a masters programme. Prior to Utrecht, she worked as a consultant at Ecofys and was involved in several energy efficiency benchmark analyses and best practice studies for carbon reduction of energy-intensive industries (e.g., power generation, iron and steel, cement, etc). In 2010 she completed her PhD at Utrecht University.