Call for abstracts – eceee 2021 Digital Summer Study

Digital event: 7–11 June 2021

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We are facing a new reality. There is an increasingly urgent climate crisis, and we simply can’t go back to business as usual after the pandemic. The restart after Covid-19 offers a golden opportunity to do things smarter, greener and fairer for all. Energy efficiency and energy sufficiency are part of the solution when we fundamentally rethink how we travel, live, meet and work.

Join us for eceee’s 2021 digital Summer Study in June to discuss these crucial issues. Abstracts submission will open this week and you’ll have to 11 February to submit.

The format, fees and exact timing of our 2021 event are yet to be determined. We know this much: we are going to have a digital event in the period 3–18 June and we know how to make it work – we did it in September with Industrial Efficiency and we will do it again.

Energy efficiency in the new reality – submit your abstract by 15 February noon (sharp)

Abstracts submission deadline is 15 February noon, sharp. We offer nine panels on a broad range of energy efficiency topics.

Panel 1. Energy consumption and wellbeing
Panel 2. Policy innovations to ensure, scale and sustain action
Panel 3. Policy, finance and governance
Panel 4. Monitoring and evaluation for a wise, just and inclusive transition
Panel 5. A smart new start for sustainable communities
Panel 6. Transport and mobility
Panel 7. Policies for a green recovery in the buildings sector
Panel 8. Buildings: technologies and systems beyond energy efficiency
Panel 9. Products, appliances, ICT

Abstracts for peer-reviewed papers or extended abstracts?

Submitted abstracts are accepted for either of two formats. 

  • Peer-reviewed papers. If accepted you must submit a paper that will undergo an academic (single-blind) peer-review process. Peer-reviewed papers that make it through the review are published in our Scopus-indexed proceedings.
  • Extended abstracts. Accepted abstracts can be updated and expanded to 4,000 characters. These are thus a short desription of your contribution that undergo no further peer-review (although panels will review your presentation).

The format for presentation is exactly the same regardless of the final contribution: a short oral presentation followed by a discussion. In 2021, there will be no displays. More information on rules, timeline etc available here.

Will we ever meet in person again?

We miss the physical event, but we strongly believe that it was the right decision to  go digital in 2021. That said, we also believe in meeting face to face. After all, the human interaction of our events is unparalleled and we are already planning for a face-to-face event, possibly as early as 2022.

As we are planning, we are committed to creating a physical event that fits into your carbon-constrained travel and event budget of the future. We pledge to make our Summer Study one of the must-attend events and we will use the 2021 digital event as an opportunity to explore how.

We understand that the theme of this year’s event is not just words. We are indeed facing A new reality.

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