Call for abstracts – eceee 2022 Summer Study

eceee is set to arrange its next in-person summer study as soon as 2022 in Hyères, in the South of France, 6–11 June. The 2022 Summer Study will add a panel on industrial energy efficiency after a ten year absence, but will continue to keep covering the broad range of topics from energy consumption and behaviour, over policy & evaluation, local energy planning, transportation, buildings, and appliance and product policy.

We are eager to return to in-person summer studies

“We do think it is important to keep up our mission of providing evidence-based knowledge and information sharing on energy efficiency” says Nils Borg, eceee’s Executive Director. “We simply won’t manage the climate urgency without ambitious and effective energy efficiency policies and programmes and investments. Electrification and decarbonisation are key to the carbon-neutral energy transition, but without saving through energy efficiency improvements where we can, we simply won’t make the transition fast enough or be able to afford it”.

Decarbonisation requires demand reduction

The 2022 Summer Study looks at "agents of change". Who sets the agenda? With whom do we make agreements? What forces are at play? And what does scaled-up action look like?

Massive investment programmes for both recovery and climate action are underway and we must seize this golden opportunity to do things smarter, greener and fairer for all. Energy efficiency and energy sufficiency are part of the solution when we fundamentally rethink how we travel, live, meet and work.

A key aspect is decarbonisation of our economies. It won't work without demand reduction – the results of implementing energy efficiency and energy sufficiency on a large scale.

Our nine panels – industry is back

Those who have been to a Summer Study before will recognise the panels, with a few changes. We offer a number of cross-sectoral panels on understanding consumption and behaviour, policy and monitoring & evaluation as well as a number of panels with a more sector-based focus. Here we offer panels on cities and local communities, transportation and mobility, buildings, products and industrial decarbonisation.

  1. Dynamics of consumption: less is more?
  2. Efficiency and beyond: innovative energy demand policies
  3. Policy, finance and governance
  4. Monitoring and evaluation for a wise, just and inclusive transition
  5. A smart new start for sustainable communities
  6. Energy-efficient and low-carbon mobility for all
  7. Policies and programmes for better buildings
  8. Innovations in products, systems and building technologies
  9. Deep decarbonisation of industry

Submit your abstract by 16 November

Environmental impact of our Summer Studies

eceee is acutely aware of the fact that an in-person event has an environmental impact in terms of travel, venue and food. However, we believe it is important to meet in person. We also believe that our event is one of the best events on energy efficiency, long enough, and held relatively seldom, that it justifies the travel. We are based on southern France and this allows most participants to travel by train or other low-carbon modes of transportation.

Submit your abstract by 16 November

Stay tuned. See you at #eceee2022

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