ENSMOV workshop on auction schemes for energy efficiency

The ENSMOV workshop organises an online workshop about auction schemes for energy efficiency, on Thursday 30 September, from 10 to 12 am CEST

The workshop will discuss the role of auctions – or other policies involving some competitive elements to define the value of the incentive – in the implementation of energy efficiency policies based on a set of case studies.

Auctions have been used in many countries around Europe in the last years, as separated schemes or within other types of incentives aimed at promoting energy efficiency projects.

There also countries in which such options have just been introduced or are under design.

The diverse geographical and thematic coverage will contribute to a fruitful discussion and give concrete advice on how to design and implement this type of instrument and what are its pros and cons.

After a presentation by Samuel Thomas (RAP) providing an overview of auction schemes for energy efficiency, the experience of four countries will be discussed:

    Switzerland, by Kurt Bisang, BFE

    Portugal, by José Luis Sousa Polytechnic Institute o Setúbal

    Denmark, by Morten Broberg, DEA

    Greece, by Christos Tourkolias, CRES


For more details about the workshop, see: https://ensmov.eu/event/online-workshop-market-mechanisms-based-on-auction-schemes/

Registration link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3565975010718424591


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