How to jump start industry decarbonization in the wake of the corona crisis?

How to jump start industry decarbonization in the wake of the corona crisis?

Online workshop co-organised by eceee and the RENEW industry network

Registration: free of charge, to open in the end of May.

The coronavirus COVID-19 continues to drastically change the conditions for the energy intensive industries to transition towards net-zero emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. In light of the ongoing crisis, our half-day workshop will bring together experts from academia, industry, policy and society to discuss how deep decarbonisation in industry can be facilitated under these new and uncertain circumstances.

The interactive morning is divided into two main sessions, starting off with a high-level discussion between distinguished panelists, who will present their take on the challenges and opportunities that these industries are currently facing. Confirmed speakers include the European Commission and the IEA.

The second part of the workshop will give you the opportunity to take part in brainstorming sessions and actively network with other experts in the field. Participants will interchange ideas on current topics in various thematic breakout rooms covering both technological, economic and policy aspects of industrial decarbonisation.

This workshop aims to strengthen the collaboration between experts on industrial decarbonisation during these trying times and offers you an interactive platform where potential solutions can be identified, challenged and refined.

The workshop is a joint initiative between eceee and the RENEW-industry network.

Registration and more info here.

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