International Conference, Energy Fuels Environment 2022

The aim of the EFE 2022 conference is: emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of scientific research in energy, fuel technologies and monitoring of the natural environment;

2. to establish and strengthen contacts and exchange experiences on the international forum on the issues of commercial and distributed energy, hydrogen technologies and their importance for low-emission economy methods of energy storage and recovery, economics and energy management.

The key topics of EFE 2022 are the following:

HYDROGEN: Hydrogen production, storage and applications.

ENERGY: Power and heat technologies; efficiency and innovation in the energy sector; intelligent energy management systems; nuclear energy; renewable energy technologies, energy storage and harvesting.

FUELS: Fossil fuels technologies, problems of clean fuel development and management; biofuels, production of fuels from waste materials; CO2 utilization for fuel production; industrial catalysis.

ENVIRONMENT: Energy sector’s impact on the environment; climate change and global warming; methods of identification of new contaminants, circular economy; environmental protection.

ECOLOGICAL TRANSPORT: electrification of transport; direction of the reduction of contamination from transport fuels.

ENERGY AND ECOLOGICAL POLICY: Conditions and directions of development in fuel and energy management, the relationship between the energy sector and the advancement of the country’s economy, the role of the state in shaping the development of fuel and energy markets.

ECONOMY: Economic problems of fuel and energy management; conditions and potential for financing innovative projects; markets and risks in the fuel and energy sectors, functioning of fuel and energy companies in the energy market.

HEALTH: Direct and indirect impact of the energy sector on health, threats to health, internal climate, safety and comfort in rooms.

SOCIETY: Problems of acceptance of energy technologies; energy education, poverty and energy exclusion.

MATERIALS FOR ENERGY CONVERSION AND STORAGE: Materials for electrochemical devices; thermoelectric devices, gas turbines; photovoltaic,  solar and wind turbines applications, etc.

The above list is not exhaustive and research on other topics associated with advances in power, fuels and environment technologies are also welcome. 

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