Investing in deep renovation for recovery: a how-to guide for Member States

Investing in deep renovation for recovery: a how-to guide for Member States

Act for Climate/Climate-Finance Pact is proposing an online European conversation on April 8th to discuss “Investing in deep renovation for recovery”.

The Climate-Finance Pact is a historic opportunity to jointly address the climate crisis, the lack of quality jobs and doubts about the European project. It includes two tools : the European Bank for Climate and Biodiversity and the European Fund for Climate and Biodiversity.

In Europe, it is widely accepted that the deep renovation of the building stock represents a significant portion of the GHG reduction to achieve the Paris Agreement.

Across all EU members, policies and programmes are being introduced to encourage a renovation wave. Much has been written about it, especially through the ECEEE community.

Despite solid programmes and robust experience, we are far away from the massification of the deep renovation we need to see.

At the same moment, the Recovery and Resilience Facility in Europe is one in a generation opportunity that the energy efficiency cannot miss. At stake is how recovery funding can be assigned to support the Paris-compatible Renovation Wave ?

We are therefore proposing a conversation to all European stakeholders in order to progressively shape a common vision, possibly a common pathway that includes the right package of policy framework, technical assistance and financial schemes.

Please join us on April 8th from 10am to noon for a first conversation.

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