Multiple benefits of energy efficiency Virtual Conference

The EU-funded “Multiple Benefits” project (2018-21) welcomes company representatives, policymakers, energy service firms, financiers and others to discuss how companies realise competitive advantages through energy efficiency, new evidence and tools to include multiple benefits in energy-related investments, and how multiple benefits can bolster green recovery efforts.

How do energy-saving investments lead to core business impacts, such as enhanced employee productivity, improved indoor air quality, or higher quality products? What are leading companies doing to build competitive advantage while mitigating energy and climate-related emissions? How can Multiple Benefits enhance green recovery initiatives in Europe and other regions?

Join us to discuss these themes in a virtual event on May 11, 2021 hosted by the EU-funded project Valuing & Communicating the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency!

Project partners invite company representatives, policymakers, energy service professionals, trade associations, financiers and other interested stakeholders to join us for a spirited, half-day virtual conference that will include:

  • Company showcase – European companies will highlight project results and how Multiple Benefits contributed to competitive advantage
  • Enhancing the business case – New tools and structured evidence that can lead to an enticing business case for energy efficiency projects
  • Synergies with green recovery – Discuss new opportunities and linkages to enhance policy and green recovery efforts with multiple benefits.


Since 2018, fifteen project partners have collaborated with European companies and stakeholders across eight countries with the goal to help businesses motivate strategic, energy-saving investments. Partners produced a methodology (5-step approach), a toolkit (software), training resources, and tips for Energy Managers and Energy Teams to identify, prioritise, and communicate how energy saving actions contribute to a company’s competitive advantage.

These tools allow companies to quantify and select measures that make significant contributions to the company’s competitive advantage (expressed in terms of impact to value proposition, cost and risk reduction). Energy Managers receive templates and tips on how to propose project proposals in strategic terms that resonate with investment committees.

In addition, partners developed a structured evidence base – based on surveys, literature, and pilot projects – to help Energy Managers, energy service providers, financiers, and others to develop compelling business cases for energy saving projects. 

Registration and more information

Participation at the event is free of charge. Registration and updated event information will be made available on the Multiple Benefits website starting in February 2021. Stay tuned!

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