The Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces - SurfCoat Korea 2021 International Conference

The International Conference on Surfaces, coatings and interfaces - SurfCoat Korea 2021 is a 3 days event to be held in parallel to Surtech Korea 2021, Coating Korea 2021 and ChemLab Korea 2021 joint expo from May. 26 to 28, 2021 in the Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Seoul, Rep. of Korea.

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The conference provides a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in the fields of surfaces, coatings and interfaces engineering, discusses recent advances and current problems, and points out the prospective development of the field.  Contributions are expected to be in line with the surface treatments and coatings processes, and their properties/performance. The conference targets scientists, engineers, managers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. It will provide opportunities for the delegates to exchange face-to-face their novel ideas and experiences with the international experts during plenary & invited talks, oral presentations and posters sessions.

The SurfCoat Korea 2021 conference topics include:

  • Surface treatments and coatings deposition, functionalization, modelling and characterization
  • Interface and interaction science, adhesion and Adhesives
  • Multi-functional, composite/ hybrid, graded and multilayers coatings
  • Smart surfaces and coatings, Self-healing surfaces
  • Surface nanoengineering, nanocoatings and Ultra-Thin Films
  • Graphene coatings/films
  • Hydro-, ice- and oleophobic/philic surfaces
  • Tribological coatings, wear and corrosion protection
  • Cold and Thermal spraying (PVD, CVD, ...), thermochemical, Electro- and electroless plating
  • Surface engineering/ coatings in sustainable energy, conversion, optical, electric, photovoltaic and magnetic applications
  • Biointerfaces, Biomedical/ Bioactive surfaces and coatings

In addition to the conference main sessions, the following focused sessions will run in parallel:

  • Focused session on composite and hybrid coatings,
  • Focused session on tribological coatings, wear and corrosion protection,
  • Focused session on Surface nanoengineering, nanocoatings and Ultra-Thin Films,
  • Focused session on Plasma surface engineering,
  • Focused session on Corrosion and anti-corrosive coatings,
  • Focused session on Interface and interaction science, adhesion and Adhesives,
  • Focused session on Biointerfaces and Bioactive coatings.

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