Towards a systems approach in Ecodesign and Energy Labelling: How to make the political ambition a reality? eceee summer study side event.

It is widely recognised that there are substantial additional energy savings to be made from taking a system approach – considering how products are combined and operate together. However, political ambition has not resulted in regulation. During this workshop, policy makers and key stakeholders will discuss implementation barriers and explore possible remedies.

The European Copper Institute commissioned research to look into the experience with developing system related ecodesign and energy labelling regulations to date (Brocklehurst, 2021). In their review, the authors analysed the common characteristics and challenges related to ecodesign and energy labelling of eight product groups that, at least to some extent, go beyond a ‘simple’ product.
During this workshop, the authors will present the findings of their study. Policy makers will be invited to present their views on taking the systems approach in ongoing product regulation initiatives. During a debate, we will invite stakeholders to share their experiences and views on systems approach in product regulation. We will evaluate implementation barriers and explore possible remedies.

Fiona Brocklehurst, Ballarat Consulting
Hans-Paul Siderius, Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Ronald Piers de Raveschoot, European Commission DG ENER.B3
Michael Könen, Europump
Moderator: Diedert Debusscher, European Copper Institute

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