Apr 2021 – , Cases & examples

Authors: Jason Erwin, Borg & Co and Piotr Nowakawski, KAPE

Illustrator/design: Klas Björkman, Borg & Co

DEKOR-MEBLE, a small-scale furniture manufacturer located in Wyszków, Poland, requires an individual heating system to provide hot water and space heating for its staff and operations. Prior to the project, hot water and space heating services were provided by an old and inefficient wood/coal boiler. To maintain these services, a highly qualified employee prepared fuel (coal in winter, wood in summer) and kept the boiler working year-round. The situation was especially undesirable in the summer, when the boiler only provided hot water (no space heating necessary). By switching to a maintenance-free, solar hot water system the company improved its reputation with the community, freed up 5 hours/week during summer months (otherwise required for maintaining the old boiler), and reduced the project payback by 9x!

Download: Multiple benefits case study (Dekor Meble, SME, Poland)