Nov 2021 – , Multiple Benefits Reports

[D8.1 Strategic communication & dissemination plan]


Jason Erwin and Klas Björkman, Borg & Co

The Multiple Benefits project’s Strategic Communication Plan summarises how the Multiple Benefits project presents itself to key target groups and the experience and extended impact it is hoped to generate. The plan describes the resources and approach employed to achieve this. The goal of the plan is to support effective and consistent external communications across thirteen partner organisations involved in the project, and over the course of the three-year project. This plan discusses the following key components:

Communications goals - What outcomes do we want to achieve?

Target groups - Who do we want to reach?

Message - What do we want to say?

Channels - How do we reach our target groups?

Approach - How do we effectively achieve our goals with the

resources we have?

Evaluation - How successful have we been in achieving our goals?

The plan also describes the basis for the visual communications to be included in digital and print communication.

D8.1 Strategic communication & dissemination plan