May 2021 – , Cases & examples

Authors: Jason Erwin, Borg & Co and Christina Hatzilau, NTUA

Illustrator/design: Klas Björkman, Borg & Co

Alfa-Beta (AB) Vassilopoulos S.A. is a supermarket chain based in Greece. Their value proposition is to provide a great shopping experience that meets consumers’ changing needs and builds loyalty, all provided with 24-hour technical support. They aim to inspire customers to make healthier choices, increase product transparency, and eliminate waste. Part of AB Vassilopoulo’s goal is to target smarter and more efficient operations. Given the staff’s time constraints and the fact that an energy audit was not legally required at the warehouse in focus, participating in the Multiple Benefits project offered a unique opportunity to investigate energy saving opportunities and additional benefits. This case focuses on the deployment of Li-ion batteries and new charging infrastructure to optimize warehouse operations, improve time management, and reduce costs namely maintenance and energy.

Download: Multiple benefits case study (Alfa-Beta Food Retail Company)