Aug 2018 – , Multiple Benefits Reports

[D2.2 Guidelines for Protocols, Interventions and Evaluations]

M-Benefits: D2.2 Guidelines for Protocols, Interventions and Evaluations


Tina Fawcett, University of Oxford 
Gavin Killip, University of Oxford
Catherine Cooremans, University of Lausanne

This document summarises the key findings from a ‘rapid evidence assessment’ literature review conducted by four project partners (the Universities of Oxford, Utrecht and Lausanne; and the Fraunhofer Institute). The methodology and literature review are available as separate documents. It uses finding from the literature to offer: 1) Insights on how to influence the investment decisions made by firms, 2) Protocols for data collection and comparison, 3) Guidelines for developing training materials and other resources for practitioners, and 4) Criteria and procedures for evaluation of projects. The aim is for practitioners to be enabled to identify the multiple benefits of energy efficiency or energy management investments which also offer strategic benefits to the firm. This should help increase uptake of efficiency measures. The focus is on for-profit companies, particularly those active in goods manufacturing or services.

D2.2 Guidelines for Protocols, Interventions and Evaluations