Nov 2021 – , Multiple Benefits Reports

[D5.4 Results of webinars]


Livio De Chicchis, FIRE 

This work is complementary to the regional training workshops developed by each implementation partner in Task 5.2. In addition to the regional training workshops, a sequence of 3-4 national webinars in local language has been developed and offered to a broader audience to reach out to further potential participants. Webinars have been used both to ensure largest dissemination of the training materials, allowing a broader participation from target audience, and to promote the participation to the T5.2 and T5.4 actions and the use of the tools produced by the project. 

The three webinars have been differentiated in terms of content, in order to provide a comprehensive training experience, and focused respectively on the following topics: 

  • Overview of the multiple benefits 
  • How to assess multiple benefits
  • Use of the tools produced by the M-Benefits project 

In this document a brief overview of the national webinars is proposed, highlighting how they have been scheduled by each implementation partner and the results in terms of number of participants and contents. 

D5.4 Results of webinars