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October 2023

Are Asia’s shipowners doing enough to cut greenhouse gas emissions?

UN rapporteur: Climate activists in Europe under increasing pressure

Slow route to net zero will worsen global climate crisis, IPCC chief warns

Skills shortage delays global energy transition, puts climate targets at risk – report

Europe’s solar industry warns against tariffs on imports

International Climate and Energy Summit in Madrid builds momentum behind efforts to reach 1.5 °C goal

Business chiefs who criticised Labour in 2015 turn on Sunak after green U-turn

Companies lament excessive bureaucracy as EU launches carbon border tariff

Cop28 boss’ appeal to raise climate targets met with total indifference

Spain, IEA back Dutch call to phase out fossil fuel subsidies

To be the EU’s new climate chief, Hoekstra must reach out to the left

Type of storm that drenched New York is up to 20% wetter due to climate crisis

Tory swing voters switch to Labour after Sunak’s green retreat, poll finds

September 2023

Japan to release second batch of wastewater from Fukushima nuclear plant next week

US: Wide coalition welcomes furnace efficiency standards set to cut energy bills and climate pollution

Dear Commission, stick to your word and legislate on better ticketing

Limiting global warming to 1.5°C has “factually failed” – German scientists

EU faces ‘make or break moment’ for green transition, report says

Big European insurers ‘underwrite 30% of US coal despite net zero pledges’

Alleviating energy poverty – with fossil fuels?

Grid fees remain key sticking point as EU finalises hydrogen rules

For US energy storage, record growth is still a slog

Two in five young Germans feel effects of climate change on health – survey

EU truck industry could lose up to a tenth of sales to foreign rivals, according to BCG study

Lawsuit in EU court by young Portuguese, largest climate case ever

Poland insists on nuclear’s role in green transition

Crucial for a clean energy economy, the aluminum industry’s carbon footprint is enormous

New IEA net zero report leaves big polluters less room to hide

Belgian state sued over climate policy shortcomings

Australian households on track to add near-record rooftop solar capacity to electricity grid

France seeks stronger EU stance on fossil fuel exit at COP28

Europe’s banks helped fossil fuel firms raise more than €1tn from global bond markets

Nissan says all new models coming to Europe will be ‘100% electric from now’

I’m a Tory MP, but I know Rishi Sunak’s claims about the cost of net zero are false

‘Staggering’ green growth gives hope for 1.5C, says global energy head

EU policy ‘superior’ to US Inflation Reduction Act, say European economists

German government to suspend tightening of building efficiency rules

Why Portuguese youth are suing European countries over wildfires

Macron launches ‘ecological plan’ to end France’s use of fossil fuels by 2030

In-depth Q&A: Can ‘carbon offsets’ help to tackle climate change?

‘Whatever it takes’: students at 50 US high schools launch climate initiative

How Germany, France and Italy compare on net zero emission targets

At UN climate summit big polluters’ absence speaks volumes

Green NGO supports controversial CCS to ensure e-fuels reach CO2 neutrality

In-depth Q&A: What do Rishi Sunak’s U-turns mean for UK climate policy

Ahead of COP28 climate talks, fossil fuels increasingly under fire

EU bank chief warns against ‘Colonialism 2.0’ as green transition progresses

Industrial carbon capture: Only for truly ‘unavoidable emissions’

How Sunak’s back-pedalling on net zero could damage efforts to decarbonise Britain’s homes

China opposes ‘not realistic’ global fossil fuel phase-out

Number of public transport users rising in Germany in first half of 2023

Europe’s power industry warns ageing grids put green goals at risk

Rishi Sunak announces U-turn on key green targets

France to seek minimum price for flights in Europe

Solar-powered looms boost income and safety for India’s silk weavers

Sunak’s net zero U-turn is so toxic that it’s united Greens and car manufacturers against him

Asia is driving two-thirds of new oil and gas development

Berlin considers slashing electricity tax by 95% to boost heat pump uptake

EU reaches deal banning ‘climate-neutral’ product claims

Euro 7 pollution standards for cars “effectively killed off” by Spanish EU Presidency proposals

Climate action must respond to extreme weather driving health crisis, says WHO

France is EU’s first importer of ‘Russian nuclear products’: study

U.S. Inflation Reduction Act: one year on, a summary of impressive progress in the energy transition

Europe’s shipping emissions back to pre-pandemic high

What to know about New York’s climate ambition summit

Electricity market reform and the gathering CfD storm

European governments shrinking railways in favour of road-building, report finds

France used 10% less electricity last winter – three valuable lessons in fighting climate change

Leak: EU may become as hooked on China batteries as it was on Russian energy

People who work from home all the time ‘cut emissions by 54%’ against those in office

Startups with electric vans race to fill demand for zero-emissions delivery

German construction minister rejects EU plans to increase energy efficiency in old buildings

China urges EU to ensure new carbon tariff complies with WTO rules

G20: Time to boost energy efficiency and decarbonisation

How urban heat islands are making cities dangerously warm

Divided EU Parliament adopts weakened stance on electricity market reform

Parliament backs law to boost green aviation fuels in EU flights

Young people to take 32 European countries to court over climate policies

New fossil fuel projects ‘very unwise economic risk’ says global energy chief

IEA: Stronger international cooperation in high emissions sectors crucial to get on track for 1.5 °C climate goal

Paris climate goals require immediate oil demand downturn: Study

Small and profitable: Why affordable electric cars in 2025 are feasible

Climate activists kick off rallies against fossil fuel in week of action in New York

Von der Leyen outlines ‘next phase of European Green Deal’, with heavy industry focus

EU lawmakers pass bill hiking renewable energy targets

Why India is rebuffing a coal-to-clean deal with rich nations

Call for a European green industrial policy

News Corp gasses up ‘green’ fossil fuels in a series on future energy – but does it pass the sniff test?

G20 stops short of fossil fuel phase out as 'dark cloud' looms

Every hour European governments lose out on €4 million in aviation taxes

World Bank spent billions of dollars backing fossil fuels in 2022, study finds

Heat pumps twice as efficient as fossil fuel systems in cold weather, study finds

Four more bodies found after Greece storm, raising toll to 15

G20’s Delhi Declaration falls predictably short on climate

Small islands slam ‘endless’ climate talks at landmark maritime court hearing

US sets new record for billion-dollar climate disasters in single year

Macron: G20 conclusions on climate ‘insufficient’

Q&A – Germany agrees phaseout of fossil fuel heating systems

Key issues at stake as EU electricity market reform nears finishing line

Positive energy neighbourhoods: Building a resilient and inclusive Europe

UK’s net zero ambitions at risk after ‘disastrous’ offshore wind auction

What high heat in the classroom is doing to millions of American children

Pro-nuclear MEPs defy EU Parliament on electricity market reform

Experts warn of ‘Denialism Comeback’ ahead of November’s global climate talks

‘Biggest clean energy disaster in years’: UK auction secures no offshore windfarms

How to improve the climate and energy governance rules

Climate adaptation finance to Africa must increase tenfold, research shows

Parliament raises recycling goals in EU Critical Raw Materials Act

Heat denial: influencers question validity of high temperatures

African leaders call for new global taxes to fund climate change action

Summer 2023 was hottest on record, EU scientists say

US hydrogen rules could decide fate of EU’s electrolyser industry

Climate policy focus now shifting to implementation, EU says

MEPs back targets to onshore EU battery supply chain

A wolf in sheep’s clothing: why Africa should shun carbon markets

US: States can help low-income residents with rebates for energy upgrades under new federal guidance

Australia has highest per capita CO2 emissions from coal in G20, analysis finds

Climate crisis could contribute to a global food shortage by 2050, US special envoy on food security warns

Is Ecuador's Amazon oil ban a threat to fossil fuels in Latin America?

UK could quit ‘climate-wrecking’ Energy Charter Treaty, minister announces

German parliament to greenlight controversial heating law on Friday

How will the US cope next summer when it could be even hotter?

African leaders at odds over climate plans as crucial Nairobi summit opens

F-gas revision: far more than a climate victory for Europe

Poland to establish energy transition ministry

Sustainability takes back seat in auto industry sourcing decisions - survey

UAE pitches itself as Africa’s carbon credits leader

Dutch grant more fossil fuel subsidies than previously thought

The balance between expanding renewable projects and feeding India’s population

Lack of ‘bankable’ climate projects hurting Indonesia's energy transition

EU considers watering down ‘CO2 neutrality’ standard for eFuels

Parks and gardens hold key to cooling overheated cities

India sees hottest, driest August since records began

Africa climate summit is vital moment for continent to take charge

August 2023

Idalia to boost Florida apartment insurance costs further

France calls for minimum price on European flights

Heat or eat? How efficient buildings today can save lives tomorrow

eceee’s GA elects new board members. President and vice-Presidents appointed

Onshore wind is poised to grow, and move away from boom and bust cycles

The people of Ecuador just made climate justice history. The world can follow

France threatening to fly solo on electricity market reform

Grid readiness for HDV charging

EU’s use of fossil fuels for electricity falls 17% to ‘record low’ in first half of 2023

As climate disasters rise, New York tests fast insurance payouts

Loss and damage fund must deliver climate justice to affected communities

Commission proposes controversial candidate to head EU climate action

How fossil fuel subsidies are hurting the energy transition

Why a European Central Carbon Bank would help stabilise EU climate policy

Poland files lawsuit against key EU climate policies

Dramatic climate action needed to curtail ‘crazy’ extreme weather

Planned state support means heat pumps pay off even in inefficient buildings – WWF

EU, US green steel showdown: How to decarbonise trade

French energy regulator: Nuclear alone not enough for carbon neutrality

No 10’s Ulez stance reverses ‘decades of clean air progress’, says Sadiq Khan

German shipbuilders call for support for billion-euro investments needed for offshore wind expansion

How climate change will hit snow levels across Europe’s ski resorts

West must use COP28 to reverse climate neglect of Africa, or face new era of violence

Hundreds more rapid charging points installed in UK to help drivers go electric

How to stay cool without air con – and help take some heat off the planet

IKEA and GOGLA announce strategic partnership to help the off-grid solar sector

The world is burning. Who can convince the comfortable classes of the radical sacrifices needed?

Cooking the books: cookstove offsets produce millions of fake emission cuts

100 days to COP28: Can it deliver climate action?

Dutch to nominate Foreign Minister Hoekstra as EU Commissioner

Hawaii wildfires expose need for resilience in a polycrisis world

German energy industry allays supply fears for coming winter – media

Solar and windfarm investment is drying up – and Australia needs a wake-up call on the future of the electricity grid

China bans Japanese seafood after Fukushima wastewater release

US Utility scorecard: Energy efficiency efforts stagnating amid climate crisis

Fossil fuels being subsidised at rate of $13m a minute, says IMF

EU puts Maroš Šefčovič in charge of climate policy

Global uranium demand boost raises questions of supply security

Why the EU should ban climate neutral claims now

100 days to COP28: Can it deliver climate action?

German importers “insufficiently prepared” for EU carbon border tax – consultancy

Q&A: A legal scholar calls the ruling in the Montana youth climate lawsuit ‘huge’

Costly gap: Germany to fall significantly short of EU climate targets

Mediterranean is becoming a tinderbox: EU must focus on climate, not migration

New EU carbon tariff: German industry slams bureaucratic burden

What are the environmental costs of AI?

Zero-degree line at record height above Switzerland as heat and fire hit Europe

Sparking Europe’s new industrial revolution

The ‘no jet’ set: actors back campaign to cut climate impact of ‘celebrity riders’

Tens of thousands evacuated as Tenerife wildfire burns out of control

US: With planning, heavy industry can use wind and solar power

India government sets emission limit for hydrogen to qualify as ‘green’

The climate crisis is here now, experts warn, as death tolls from summer disasters mount

Brussels cheers 90% filled gas storages across Europe

How is the Inflation Reduction Act helping the U.S. fight climate change?

Corporate climate action accelerated in 2022, with an 87% increase in companies setting targets

Buildings directive: German NGOs pressure Berlin to back obligatory renovations

‘We are facing dependence on China’: EU battles to support green industry