26 countries sign ‘European Wind Charter’ to shield EU industry

(EurActiv, 19 Dec 2023) All EU countries except Hungary have signed a joint declaration to protect Europe’s wind industry from “unfair trade practices” coming from Chinese manufacturers.

“Today is a huge day for Europe’s wind energy industry,” said Giles Dickson, the CEO of lobby group WindEurope which initiated the charter. “26 countries have committed to implement the actions set out in the EU’s excellent Wind Power Package,” he added on Tuesday (19 December), after the declaration was signed.

European wind turbine manufacturers are not in a great place. Siemens Energy almost went bust earlier this year, and other big players are frequently posting losses

Chinese manufacturers, by contrast, are getting stronger every year and look poised to dominate the global market. And even though no Chinese wind turbine has been installed on European soil, fear of this barrier being breached is sparking protectionist instincts among EU member states.

“While the wind power sector is historically an EU success story, it faces a set of challenges,” the charter reads. “The whole European wind ecosystem needs to come together to address these challenges,” it adds.

The two-page document refers to the wind power package put forward in October by the European Commission.

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EurActiv, 19 Dec 2023: 26 countries sign ‘European Wind Charter’ to shield EU industry