Berge Bulk launches wind power-aided ship to cut emissions

(Reuters, 17 Oct 2023) Singapore-based Berge Bulk has launched a ship fitted with steel-and-composite sails to cut fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, with an eye to converting more vessels that ply routes with favourable wind conditions.

The dry bulk carrier Berge Olympus, equipped with four sails known as WindWings, is chartered by mining giant Vale and will sail between Brazil and China, Berge said on Tuesday.

The sails will save up to 20% fuel or six tons per day on an average worldwide route and cut carbon emissions by about 19.5 tons per day.

Berge is taking a multi-pronged approach to becoming carbon neutral by 2025, while the maritime industry seeks ways to accelerate decarbonisation.

"If we can make our existing ships more fuel-efficient at the first stage, that's essential. The intention is to roll out all of these kinds of energy-efficiency devices across the fleet," Berge Bulks' CEO James Marshall told Reuters on the sidelines of the ship's unveiling event on Oct. 12.

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Reuters, 17 Oct 2023: Berge Bulk launches wind power-aided ship to cut emissions