Big tech could do better at protecting the environment

(EurActiv, 17 Mar 2020) Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, known as ‘GAFAM’ in France, say they are protecting the environment, but that’s not the point. Partly responsible for the carbon impact of digital technology, these multinationals are mainly trying to minimise damage. EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.

“The massive use of renewable energies and achieving a neutral – or even a negative – carbon footprint”: Digital giants, known as “GAFAM” (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), do not skimp on the great green promises.

And a lot needs to be done. The digital world’s environmental footprint in 2019 “represented a seventh continent, two to five times the size of France”, according to Frédéric Bordage, the founder of GreenIT, which brings together French players in sustainable IT.

Among other things, digital technology would be responsible for 3.8% of greenhouse gas emissions and 5.5% of the world’s electricity consumption. And this impact is only increasing as the world economy becomes more digital.

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EurActiv, 17 Mar 2020: Big tech could do better at protecting the environment