Business journalism still routinely neglects climate issues – report

(Clean Energy Wire, 18 Jan 2024) Much of today’s business reporting still ignores the dramatic impact the climate crisis has on companies, making it vulnerable to greenwashing and lagging behind institutional investors, says a report by the Otto Brenner Foundation.

“Business and climate journalism are not opposites, but belong together like two sides of the same coin,” argues the science foundation. The foundation, which is part of the metalworkers’ union IG Metall, analysed the output of major German newspapers for the report.

The foundation urged business journalists to not only focus on traditional financial indicators, such as sales and profits, but to routinely include climate indicators, such as a company's annual greenhouse gas emissions, without necessarily making them the focus of their reporting.

Other indicators business journalists could use to evaluate a company’s sustainability performance include recycling quotas, use of renewable energies, and emission intensity –  how a company’s greenhouse gas output relates to its sales – the report suggested.

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Clean Energy Wire, 18 Jan 2024: Business journalism still routinely neglects climate issues – report