Can Indonesia deliver a green power plan for the people?

(Context, 13 Nov 2023) Experts say Indonesia's just energy transition partnership (JETP) needs more community involvement and must shut all coal plants.

Communities impacted by a multi-billion-dollar climate deal to help Indonesia shift from polluting coal power to renewable energy are at risk of losing out because they have had limited involvement in planning the transition so far, analysts warned.

Earlier this month, Jakarta published a plan for how it will slash planet-heating emissions from its power sector under a $20-billion Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) backed by wealthy nations - welcomed as a good start by energy experts.

But the plan does not address the potential consequences of the proposed emissions-cutting measures for coal workers and local people, said Tommy Pratama, executive director of Traction Energy Asia, an Indonesian policy think-tank.

"There is nothing 'just' about JETP Indonesia yet - and it's also clear that (planners) do not have a clear idea of what a 'just' approach entails," he said.

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Context, 13 Nov 2023: Can Indonesia deliver a green power plan for the people?