Cars spared from tighter exhaust standards under Euro 7 deal

(EurActiv, 19 Dec 2023) A deal was reached between the European Parliament and Council on Monday (18 December) on new rules to tighten pollution standards for cars and trucks, with the text primarily focused on reining in pollution from brakes and tyres.

Under the provisional agreement, exhaust emission limits and test conditions for passenger cars and vans remain unchanged from the current Euro 6 standards – a watering down of the more ambitious requirements put forward in the European Commission’s original proposal.

While the EU executive sought to tighten permissible levels of exhaust pollution from petrol and diesel vehicles, such as nitrogen oxides and particulates, the text faced a backlash from industry and conservative politicians who argued forcing changes to combustion engines would absorb funds better spent on the electric mobility transition.

It was also alleged that a stricter Euro 7 would make it significantly more expensive to manufacture new vehicles, costs that would be passed on to consumers.

“Through this deal, we have successfully struck a balance between environmental goals and the vital interests of manufacturers,” said Alexandr Vondra, a Czech lawmaker with the ultraconservative ECR group and the Parliament’s chief negotiator on the file. 

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EurActiv, 19 Dec 2023: Cars spared from tighter exhaust standards under Euro 7 deal