China’s would-be parents and their climate concerns

(China Dialogue, 21 Feb 2023) Worries about climate change are affecting the family planning decisions of young Chinese.

In recent years, the concept of reproductive climate concerns has gradually ignited public debate and attracted academic attention around the world. They fall under the umbrella of “eco-reproductive concerns”, along with issues such as ecosystem collapse, pollution, health and justice.

Reproductive climate concerns are being widely discussed not just in developed nations like the US, UK and Australia, but increasingly among young people in developing countries such as India, the Philippines and Brazil.

In 2021, a survey of over 10,000 young people in ten countries was conducted by universities and research institutes, including Bath and Stanford universities. The results show that the climate crisis is causing serious mental distress to young people, with 41% hesitant to have children.

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China Dialogue, 21 Feb 2023: China’s would-be parents and their climate concerns