Chinese provinces push for coal and clean energy

(China Dialogue, 1 Mar 2023) Coal, wind and solar, and energy storage are buzzwords in provincial work reports released ahead of national Two Sessions.

China’s provincial-level jurisdictions (hereafter “provinces”) will focus on both coal and renewable power in the year ahead, according to work reports released ahead of the national Two Sessions. These, the country’s most significant annual political and legislative meetings, will begin on 4 March in Beijing.

More than two-thirds of the 31 provinces in mainland China have pledged to promote “clean” coal, to construct “advanced” coal power capacity, or to ensure coal supply. Seventeen plan to speed up building wind and solar farms or industrial parks, with more attention given to offshore wind.

Twenty-one want to develop “new types” of energy storage, while another 15 have plans for more pumped-storage hydropower.

The figures come from China Dialogue’s analysis of the government work reports published at this year’s provincial “two sessions”, which took place throughout January.

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China Dialogue, 1 Mar 2023: Chinese provinces push for coal and clean energy