East Asia set to win scramble for wind power dominance by 2030

(Reuters, 15 Mar 2023) East Asia is set to remain the top wind power production region thanks to a project development pipeline that will expand current wind power capacity by 65% by the end of 2030, according to data from Global Energy Monitor (GEM).

Wind is the largest and fastest-growing source of renewable power globally, and is expanding by a record pace in every major economy as part of global efforts to transition energy systems away from fossil fuels and reduce harmful emissions.

Wind power generated roughly 7.8% of the world's electricity in 2022, but must expand by enough to produce 21% of global electricity by 2030 if net-zero emissions goals are to be achieved, according to think tank Ember.

Such aggressive expansion targets mean that the recent breakneck development pace must be maintained or surpassed annually for the rest of the decade, and be distributed throughout the world's largest power consuming regions.

China's current wind generation capacity of 278,876 megawatts (MW) will balloon by 41% to nearly 400,000 MW once projects that are currently under construction or planned by 2030 come online, GEM data shows.

While no other country will match the sheer scale of China's wind power additions, many will dwarf its growth rate as they play catch up with the world's green power leader.

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Reuters, 15 Mar 2023: East Asia set to win scramble for wind power dominance by 2030