EU countries want to continue using green tech from China

(EurActiv, 7 Dec 2023) Concerned that excluding Chinese manufacturers of solar panels and other green technologies could slow down the energy transition and raise costs, EU countries on Thursday (7 December) agreed to continue allowing Chinese products for most subsidy programmes for renewable energy.

EU ministers in charge of industrial policy met in Brussels on Thursday to agree on a joint position on the “Net-Zero Industry Act” (NZIA), a law that aims to boost European production of green technologies such as solar modules, heat pumps and wind turbines.

The law also aims to reduce dependence on China, which in some of the key technologies for the green transition, such as the production of solar PV modules, dominates large parts of the market.

While the European Parliament had called for a broad exclusion of Chinese products from subsidy programmes for renewable energy in its position on the law, national ministers decided on a much more cautious approach.

“What does the Net-Zero Industry Act do? It facilitates and accompanies the business case of the [green] transition,” Kerstin Jorna, Director General for the internal market and industry at the European Commission, told journalists.

It would also aim to “use, in a more strategic way, our public procurement and public funds, also through auctions, when procuring clean tech,” she added.

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EurActiv, 7 Dec 2023: EU countries want to continue using green tech from China