EU elections 2024: full speed or full stop?

(Transport and Environment, 6 Oct 2023) 10 proposals to put European transport on track towards a safe, prosperous and climate neutral future.

In June 2024 millions of Europeans will cast their vote for the next European Parliament, laying their hopes and ideas for the future into the hands of 700+ decision makers from 27 member states. Europe’s last 5 years of law-making have shown leadership to address the urgent climate crises whilst moving ahead on the transition that brings along its people and businesses. However, the work is not done.

Putting the European community on the fast lane to a sustainable and fair transport in the next 5 years from 2024-2029 is needed to secure a long-term prosperous future where Europe thrives beyond the fossil fuel era. There is a plethora of positive side effects of an electrified transport system running on renewable energy and fuels where needed: it guarantees energy independence from authoritarian regimes, stabilises energy prices beyond the global oil and gas market, reduces adverse health impact from air pollution, ensures quality jobs for its citizens now and in the future and ultimately safeguards the climate and livelihoods globally.

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Transport and Environment, 6 Oct 2023: EU elections 2024: full speed or full stop?