EU Parliament calls for European strategy on geothermal energy

(EurActiv, 22 Jan 2024) A resolution adopted by EU lawmakers calls for a European strategy to accelerate the deployment and investment in geothermal energy.

Complex national regulations, combined with time-consuming authorisation processes, are slowing down the deployment of geothermal energy, according to a resolution adopted last week by the European Parliament.

To address this, the resolution calls for a European strategy on geothermal energy, starting with the mapping of geothermal resources across the EU to ensure all data on the subsoil is gathered in one place and made accessible to the public.

The report by Polish lawmaker Zdzisław Krasnodębski for the nationalist ECR group was voted by an overwhelming majority (531 votes in favour and 2 against) at the Parliament’s plenary session on 18 January.

It calls for launching an industrial alliance on geothermal energy, and the introduction of a harmonised insurance scheme to mitigate financial risk for the sector.

“These subsurface resource risks and associated financial costs represent one of the major barriers for geothermal project developers,” Krasnodębski said in an explanatory note published with his report.

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EurActiv, 22 Jan 2024: EU Parliament calls for European strategy on geothermal energy