EU should be wary of calls for a ‘regulatory pause’ in the transport sector

(EurActiv, 15 Dec 2023) Car makers have called for a regulatory pause following a deluge of legislation aimed at ensuring vehicles are in line with Europe’s environmental targets. But agreeing to this would derail climate objectives and hurt consumers, writes Monique Goyens.

Monique Goyens is the Director General of the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC). BEUC represents 45 independent national consumer organisations in Brussels and defends the interests of European consumers.

In its manifesto for the forthcoming EU elections, the lobby organisation for car manufacturers ACEA says that to enable the transport sector to make a success of its green (and digital) transition, we need to press the pause button at regulatory level.

There is no doubt that the industry has taken notice of the European leaders who expressed this ‘wish’ last June. The proof is in the pudding that these little phrases have struck a chord, even though they risk derailing climate objectives and hurting consumers.

Car manufacturers are learning by example. Now that the EU has set in place rules that will electrify cars by 2035 – something that will benefit the environment and drivers’ wallets – they are forcefully rejecting any other obligation. They have clearly understood that there is a political opportunity to get a regulatory ‘peace of mind’.

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EurActiv, 15 Dec 2023: EU should be wary of calls for a ‘regulatory pause’ in the transport sector