For US energy storage, record growth is still a slog

(Inside Climate News, 28 Sep 2023) Despite a new high for growth, too many projects are being delayed by a multitude of challenges.

The United States added a record amount of energy storage in the second quarter.

But I’ll forgive people in the industry for not being in the mood to celebrate.

The growth, while substantial, would have been much greater if not for the many delays brought on by parts shortages and other issues. Also, the growth was mainly in utility-scale storage, while there was a decrease in home-based projects.

Energy storage developers completed 1,680 megawatts of projects in the second quarter, the highest ever for a single quarter, and an increase of 21 percent from the second quarter last year, according to a report issued this week by Wood Mackenzie, a research firm, and the American Clean Power Association, a trade group.

But there were an additional 2,000 megawatts of projects that developers have pushed into later quarters and years, the report said.

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Inside Climate News, 28 Sep 2023: For US energy storage, record growth is still a slog