France welcomes inclusion of nuclear in EU power market reform

(EurActiv, 16 Mar 2023) France has welcomed the European Commission’s proposal to overhaul the EU’s electricity market which was unveiled on Tuesday (14 March), as it offers France the chance to develop and refurbish its nuclear fleet.

Electricity prices soared last year following the war in Ukraine as Russia turned off gas supplies to Europe in a move denounced by Europeans as blackmail.

After months of hesitations, the European Commission finally its proposal to reform the EU’s electricity market on Tuesday, aiming to stabilise prices and support the development of decarbonised energy.

The Commission proposal was welcomed by French Energy Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher who said it “provides concrete tools to allow consumers to benefit from the costs of the plants that supply them” and preserves “the benefits of integrated energy trade with our neighbours”.

Paris is particularly pleased with the introduction of contracts for difference (CfD), where governments intervene in the short-term market to cover the potential gap between a pre-agreed contractual price for electricity delivery and the actual market price.

Under this scheme, the government would compensate producers if electricity prices on the wholesale market are lower than the agreed price, while energy producers would give money back to the state when prices are higher.

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EurActiv, 16 Mar 2023: France welcomes inclusion of nuclear in EU power market reform