G7 backs liquified gas as ‘temporary’ solution, to dismay of climate activists

(EurActiv, 22 May 2023) The Group of Seven rich nations put support for gas investments back into their communiqué on Saturday (20 May), calling it a “temporary” step as they try to de-couple from Russian energy, in a move climate activists say may hurt climate goals.

The April meeting of G7 climate ministers eventually agreed, despite tussles between Japan and European nations, that gas investments “can be appropriate to help address potential market shortfalls” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the disruption it has caused in global energy markets.

Saturday’s G7 leaders statement at their summit in Japan’s Hiroshima changed the language – eventually formulated by Germany, sources say – to include gas investments again, with the G7 saying it was “necessary to accelerate the phase-out of our dependency on Russian energy”.

“We stress the important role that increased deliveries of LNG (liquefied natural gas) can play, and acknowledge that investment in the sector can be appropriate in response to the current crisis and to address potential gas market shortfalls provoked by the crisis,” the statement said.

The phase-out would also rely on “energy savings and gas demand reduction” in line with Paris climate goals and the acceleration of renewable energy development, the document said, calling clean energy a means of energy security.

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EurActiv, 22 May 2023: G7 backs liquified gas as ‘temporary’ solution, to dismay of climate activists