Germany heading for record employment in renewables industry

(EurActiv, 26 Jan 2024) Germany is heading towards the highest number of people employed in renewables-linked jobs since 2010, a trend bolstered by demand for heat pumps and installations of solar panels.

Employment in sectors linked to renewables is returning to levels last seen in 2010 when the centre-right CDU/CSU governed alongside the liberal FDP. Though the German workforce has increased by 5% since then, for the Greens, this is still reason to cheer. 

“The expansion of renewable energies also secures jobs in Germany and creates new ones,” explained Robert Habeck, the green minister of economy and climate action, on Wednesday (24 January). 

In 2022, there were 387,000 people employed in Germany’s renewable sectors, a significant increase from 2019’s figure of 309,000, according to the institute for economic structures research (GWS), which has been tracking annual employment in renewable energy sectors.

Any job linked to renewables will be counted, like the installation of solar panels – which are frequently produced abroad – or the manufacturing of heat pumps.

It is these two sectors in particular that are driving the speedy uptick, with jobs linked to heat pumps having more than doubled since 2019, whilst jobs linked to solar panels have recovered to half of their 2011 peak of 156,700. 

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EurActiv, 26 Jan 2024: Germany heading for record employment in renewables industry