Grid connection delays for low-carbon projects ‘unacceptable’, says Ofgem

(The Guardian, 16 May 2023) Watchdog’s chief writes to energy bosses as Grid sets out plan to cut waits by up to a decade.

The energy watchdog for Great Britain will label the decade-long wait to connect low-carbon projects to the electricity grid as “unacceptable”, amid tensions over a “blame game” for a mounting backlog of green power projects.

Jonathan Brearley, the chief executive of Ofgem, has written to energy bosses to warn that the current system, whereby energy projects queue for their connection, could be replaced by new methods to match power generation with demand.

He will use his appearance at an energy conference to criticise a “legacy of stalled, unviable and often highly speculative ‘zombie’ projects blocking ready-to-go solar, wind and other renewable schemes stuck behind them”.

Renewable energy developers have accused the government of a “lack of vision” in planning the grid. They have expressed concerns that wait times of up to 15 years have made it difficult to attract investment as the UK competes with the $369bn (£295bn) US package of climate subsidie

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The Guardian, 16 May 2023: Grid connection delays for low-carbon projects ‘unacceptable’, says Ofgem