How to rebuild Ukraine? A few remarks before the G7 Summit

(EurActiv, 15 May 2023) As the G7 Summit prepares to discuss Ukraine’s reconstruction, it is crucial to approach the task with European integration in mind, prioritising Ukraine’s structural independence from its aggressor and transitioning to sustainable, carbon-neutral energy sources, writes Marcin Korolec.

Marcin Korolec is the director of the Green Economy Institute. He was Environment Minister of Poland in 2011–2013.

On 30th March 2023, the New York Times published a photograph and article titled “Ukraine goes dark. Images from space drive home the nation’s anguish.” The black shape on the map reflecting the borders of Ukraine shows the Ukrainian society’s suffering and the scale of destruction of energy infrastructure in the country.

It is in these conditions that Ukraine has just survived the most gruelling winter in its history since World War II. We all dream and hope that the war ends as soon as possible.

Ukrainian society deserves the help of the rest of the free world in rebuilding the country, its economy and its infrastructure.

Given that the reconstruction of Ukraine is one of the topics of the G7 Summit in Hiroshima between 19 and 21 May, I would like to offer some remarks on how to manage this process.

Ukraine should be rebuilt with European integration in mind, without any additional obstacles that could hamper this process in the future.

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EurActiv, 15 May 2023: How to rebuild Ukraine? A few remarks before the G7 Summit