Italian MEP warns of EU Buildings Directive ‘anti-EU propaganda’

(EurActiv, 21 Feb 2023) The EU directive on the energy efficiency of buildings has triggered strong reactions in Italy, but the legislative process is still ongoing, and the text may be amended, MEP Nicola Danti told EURACTIV Italy in an interview, adding that anti-EU propaganda over the case must be addressed with the facts.

The EU directive is expected to be adopted before summer as it will be debated at the plenary in Marchand the trilogue between the European Parliament, the Commission, and the Council, will start.

It aims to make all EU buildings climate neutral by 2050. The EU building sector is a significant challenge for climate action, responsible for more than a third of CO2 emissions today.

Yet, Italians fear that the directive would penalise them should they fail to comply, despite the fact that the directive’s provision that states, rather than individuals, would be penalised.

This is one of the falsehoods spread by anti-European propaganda. No sanctions are envisaged for owners. Another issue, as with any directive, is the question of a possible infringement procedure if a member country does not reach the set targets in the set time, Danti told EURACTIV Italy.

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EurActiv, 21 Feb 2023: Italian MEP warns of EU Buildings Directive ‘anti-EU propaganda’