Italy looks at nuclear energy to supplement energy mix

(EurActiv, 16 May 2023) Investing in nuclear is necessary for Italy to pursue its energy objectives and ensure European energy sovereignty, said far-right MP Luca Toccalini (Lega/ID) as the Italian coalition expresses support for nuclear.

Italy wants to include nuclear energy in its energy mix, in addition to investments in renewable energies and partnerships concluded with North African countries for gas supplies.

“In addition to being clean and safe, investing in nuclear power is extremely necessary to pursue the strategic objectives of Italian but also European energy sovereignty” MP Luca Toccalini (Lega/ID) told EURACTIV.

The centre-right parties in government – Fratelli d’Italia (ECR), Lega (ID) and Forza Italia (EPP) – had already expressed their intention to return to investing in nuclear power in the election programme with which they won the general election in September 2022.

The strategy is also shared by centre parties such as ex-Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Italia Viva and ex-Economy Minister Carlo Calenda’s Azione, forming the ‘Third Pole’ coalition.

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EurActiv, 16 May 2023: Italy looks at nuclear energy to supplement energy mix