Land used for European biofuels could feed 120 million people daily

(Transport and Environment, 8 Mar 2023) Europe wastes land the size of Ireland on biofuels which could be used to produce food or given back to nature to create carbon sinks

Europe currently wastes land the size of Irelandon crops for biofuels which are an obstacle to tackling climate change and food security, a new study shows. The study commissioned by T&E shows that this land could be used to feed 120 million people or, if given back to nature, could absorb twice as much CO2as is supposedly saved by powering cars with biofuels. Using an area equivalent to just 2.5% of this land for solar panels would produce the same amount of energy. 

Maik Marahrens, biofuels manager at T&E, said: “Biofuels are a failed experiment. To continue to burn food as fuel while the world is facing a growing global food crisis is borderline criminal. Countries like Germany and Belgium are discussing limiting food crop biofuels in response. The rest of Europe must follow suit.”

Julie Bos, EU climate justice policy advisor at Oxfam: “The EU’s biofuel policy is a catastrophe for hundreds of millions of people who are struggling to find their next meal. Not only does it surrender vast swathes of cropland to fuel cars, but it also pushes food prices even higher. European countries must once and for all stop burning food for fuel.” 

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Transport and Environment, 8 Mar 2023: Land used for European biofuels could feed 120 million people daily