LEAK: Brussels eyes 90% climate goal for 2040, 11 EU countries call for ambition

(EurActiv, 26 Jan 2024) The European Commission is due to table a 90% climate target for 2040, according to a leaked draft, while a coalition of 11 EU countries including France and Germany have issued a letter calling for ambitious targets.

The EU executive is due to present its climate target plan for 2040 on 6 February, aiming for a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on the way to reaching climate neutrality by mid-century.

“To put the EU on a firm path to climate neutrality, this communication proposes a 2040 climate target for the EU of 90% net GHG emissions reduction compared to 1990 levels,” reads a draft document seen by Euractiv and first obtained by Carbon Pulse.

The proposal could save more than 250,000 lives a year from reduced air pollution, whilst cutting related healthcare costs by €1 trillion annually.

Scaled-back fossil fuel imports would save another €2.8 trillion in the 2031-2050 period, the document says.

Cutting emissions will provide the majority of the plan’s climate ambition, but the role of natural carbon sinks – CO2 aborptions from forests or peatlands, which proved controversial in the 2030 climate target – has yet to be decided in the draft at hand.

“To deliver a reduction of net GHG emissions of 90%, the level of emission in 2040 should be no less than XXX MtCO2-eq and removals from the atmosphere through land based and industrial carbon removals at least XXX MtCO2,” the draft document says, suggesting the final figures will be decided at the last minute.

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EurActiv, 26 Jan 2024: LEAK: Brussels eyes 90% climate goal for 2040, 11 EU countries call for ambition