LEAK: Brussels finalises ‘wind power package’ to help beleaguered EU industry

(EurActiv, 20 Oct 2023) The European Commission is planning to table a European Wind Power Package on Tuesday (24 October), aiming to strengthen the EU’s wind industry by solving the challenges it is facing, according to leaked drafts seen by Euractiv.

Wind power is viewed as crucial to replacing fossil fuels and boosting domestic energy production, but the EU is falling behind on installation if it wants to meet its 2030 climate and energy goals.

“Wind energy is renewable, abundantly available in the EU, and secure. It is pivotal to meet the EU’s decarbonisation objectives and deliver clean, affordable and secure electricity to our households, our industry and increasingly our transport sector,” according to one of the leaked drafts.

But despite its importance and the demand for more renewables, the sector is struggling. All of the largest wind turbine manufacturers reported significant operating losses in 2022, the leak warns, citing the International Renewable Energy Agency.

“The EU cannot double the wind energy pace of deployment without a healthy, sustainable and competitive wind supply chain. And the wind industry cannot be healthy without a clear and secure pipeline of projects, attracting the necessary financing and competing on a level playing field globally,” the draft action plan warns, calling for “immediate action”.

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EurActiv, 20 Oct 2023: LEAK: Brussels finalises ‘wind power package’ to help beleaguered EU industry