Poland’s renewables capacity growing but coal still dominates – report

(EurActiv, 14 May 2023) Poland’s renewable energy capacity is increasing but the country’s power and heat production is still dominated by coal and forms the biggest contribution to its emissions, according to a report by Polish think tank Forum Energii.

The think tank compiled 2021 and 2022 data on Poland’s energy sector, showing that, while coal’s role in energy production has decreased, it still makes up almost half (45% in 2021) of energy sources used.

Overall, 85% of Poland’s energy came from fossil fuels in 2021. Alongside coal, oil contributed 23% and fossil gas 17%. Renewable energy sources provided 10% of total energy consumption, with as much as 8% coming from biomass.

The think tank warned that the modernisation of the Polish energy sector is very slow.

“The economy as a whole remains highly energy-intensive and increasingly dependent on fossil fuel imports – now that Russian supplies have been cut off, and from new, often politically uncertain sources,” it explained.

Renewables growing in power production

When it comes to electricity production, renewables play a bigger role in Poland. While coal dominates, making up almost three-quarters (70.7%) of power generation in 2022, renewables were the second largest contributor, accounting for about a fifth (20.6%).

Wind was responsible for over half of this and solar photovoltaics a quarter.

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