Polish PM will ‘do anything’ to stop EU combustion engine ban

(EurActiv, 31 Mar 2023) Poland remains the only EU country to openly oppose the ban on the sale of new cars with petrol or diesel engines from 2035, with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki saying he will “do anything” for it not to come into force.

On Tuesday, the Council approved the Commission’s proposed facto ban on new combustion engine cars from 2035 but accepted the exemption for e-fuels as demanded by Germany. Poland was the only country to vote against the ban, with Bulgaria, Romania and Italy abstaining.

“The ban on the sale of combustion cars after 2035 is unacceptable for the government,” Morawiecki tweeted on Thursday. “We will do anything to protect Polish families against another pseudo-green idea by rich countries and bureaucrats from Brussels,” he wrote.

In a video announcement that came with Morawiecki’s tweet, the prime minister said his Law and Justice Party (PiS, ECR) prioritises Poland’s green transition, but “not if its targets are set during backstage negotiations against the will and interests of millions of Europeans, including Poles.”

According to the government, the ban would hit the budgets of Polish families, prevent millions of people from adequately using transportation and undermine the country’s industry that produces components for many world’s top car brands.

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EurActiv, 31 Mar 2023: Polish PM will ‘do anything’ to stop EU combustion engine ban