Preview 2024: Elections to shape future of European Green Deal

(Clean Energy Wire, 21 Dec 2023) Voters in the EU will head to the polls in June 2024 to elect the next European Parliament, kicking off a months-long process to pick the bloc’s new leadership that will shape climate policy until the end of the decade.

It will face the difficult task of designing the follow-up to the Green Deal – Europe’s strategy to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Policymakers say the EU must focus on implementation, but also ensure its place in the world as a climate and technology leader, even as increasing worries of losing out in the transition causes pushback against ambitious climate policy.

The political landscape is set to change as far-right parties are projected to make significant gains in many countries. However, the example of Poland points in a different direction, where a new pro-European government promised to put forth an ambitious energy transition programme soon.

2024 is set to be a decisive year for the future of European climate and energy policy, as voters across the continent will head to the polls in a series of national, regional and transnational elections. The outcome of the European Parliament vote in June will determine the EU’s next leaders, who must set the right policy priorities to ensure the bloc’s place in a world transitioning towards climate neutrality.

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Clean Energy Wire, 21 Dec 2023: Preview 2024: Elections to shape future of European Green Deal