Pro-renewables EU countries call for more support for green energy

(EurActiv, 23 Oct 2023) Eleven EU member state countries have called on the European Commission to help boost renewables, cut red tape, and facilitate the necessary legislation to get projects off the ground in a joint communication sent last week, ahead of the European Wind Power Package, due Tuesday (24 October).

In the letter, seen by Euractiv on Sunday (22 October) the countries – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal – highlight the benefit of renewables but argue they need more support.

“We are facing multiple crises. The past eight years were the warmest on record globally, and the number of heatwaves and natural disasters (wildfires, droughts, floods, etc.) are increasing every year,” the joint communication from the “Friends of Renewables group” reads.

“The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine also shows Europe’s vulnerability due to its dependency on non-renewable energy and critical raw material imports,” it continues, adding this is a security risk and fuels inflation.

The eleven countries argue that renewable energy will play a crucial role in changing this situation.

Cutting red tape for renewables

The joint communication comes ahead of the European Commission publishing a new proposal to pave the way for more wind power and follows the approval of the new EU renewable energy law. But more than this is needed, the countries argue.

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EurActiv, 23 Oct 2023: Pro-renewables EU countries call for more support for green energy