Renewables roll-out in France too slow to meet EU targets – report

(EurActiv, 29 Jan 2024) France is lagging in its initial renewable energy targets for 2023, and while it’s set to increase by 2030, it won’t be enough to meet EU targets according to French Renewable Energy Observatory figures published on Thursday (25 January).

France saw a faster rate of renewables deployment from 2021, but things slowed down from 5.3 gigawatt (GW) to 4.5 GW between 2022 and 2023.

This is a pace that “keeps the country behind its targets”, the French Renewable Energy Observatory said in a statement published on Thursday (25 January).

“With a 28% share of renewable energy in its electricity consumption in 2022, the country has finally surpassed the 27% threshold it was aiming for at the end of 2020, but it is still not on track to reach the 40% target by the end of 2030,” the statement said.

As a result, France is also lagging its EU targets.

What is needed is “a strong political will. That’s what is at the heart of the debate,” Jules Nyssen, president of the French Renewable Energies Union (SER), told Euractiv France.

EU countries have agreed an EU-wide target of 42.5% renewable energy in gross final energy consumption by 2030, with every EU country assigned an individual objective to share the burden.

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EurActiv, 29 Jan 2024: Renewables roll-out in France too slow to meet EU targets – report