Solar power battery installations increase exponentially in Germany

(Clean Energy Wire, 2 Mar 2023) The number of household solar power storage installations has grown exponentially over the past four years, with a year-on-year growth of 52 percent in 2022, Germany’s Solar Power Association BSW Solar has said.

“Half of private home owners say they would consider storing their homemade solar power,” a survey commissioned by the lobby group found. About 630,000 home storage units have already been installed in Germany. Nearly 30 percent of surveyed company managers said they planned to install solar power batteries in the next three years. “Installing a battery increasingly becomes the standard when new solar power arrays are mounted,” BSW head Carsten Körnig said. “This not only benefits the installations‘ operators, but also supports the entire power system’s flexibility and security,” Körnig said, calling storage units in private homes and commercial buildings “indispensable building blocks” for the energy transition.

Storage units for solar power greatly increase the availability of generated electricity. Installations of solar power arrays on private homes had grown fast in the past year as a result of the energy crisis. According to BSW Solar, storage capacity in the country should increase from about 6.7 gigawatt hours in early 2023 to 55 gigawatt hours by 2030 to compensate for the generation fluctuations of weather-dependent renewables.

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Clean Energy Wire, 2 Mar 2023: Solar power battery installations increase exponentially in Germany