The corona crisis: A catalyst for climate action?

(EurActiv, 6 Apr 2020) The corona crisis, with the ongoing health crisis and the expected economic crisis, should be used as a catalyst to get the EU on a more sustainable track and accelerate efforts towards climate-neutrality. Greater sustainability is an answer to the crisis, not ‘a nice-to-have’ once it is over, writes Annika Hedberg.

Annika Hedberg is the Head of the Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme at the European Policy Centre (EPC), a think tank based in Brussels, Belgium.

While the policy-makers, media and people are currently focused on addressing the corona crisis, the other crisis – the existential climate and wider sustainability crisis – has not disappeared. It continues to cast a great shadow on Europe and the world.

It is essential that the EU does not lose a track of its global commitments and goals, including for climate neutrality, when addressing the ongoing health and the expected economic crisis. Greater sustainability must be a key as the EU shifts focus from immediate response to recovery plans.

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EurActiv, 6 Apr 2020: The corona crisis: A catalyst for climate action?