The ‘last drop of diesel’ cartel

(Transport and Environment, 28 Feb 2023) How the trucking industry has tried to derail climate action.

When I joined T&E in 2011 there was a consensus: truckers would have the last drop of diesel. They would be the last sector to decarbonise. If ever. The other consensus – in our community – was that rail was the answer to all freight’s problems.

Clearly there was a problem. The last drop of diesel approach was incompatible with climate action. The “rail to the rescue” story was contradicted by the facts. In most cases rail simply cannot compete with road freight, which is why it had been in decline for decades.

It was time for us to accept that trucks were here to stay.

Our initial aims were limited. We focused on safety and aerodynamics, offering the industry flexibility to improve on those by allowing them to design rounded cabs. Surely the truckmakers would support efficiency and less road deaths?

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Transport and Environment, 28 Feb 2023: The ‘last drop of diesel’ cartel