The leasing sector is looking for a green leader

(Transport and Environment, 17 Oct 2023) Tomorrow Transport & Environment (T&E) will kick off a new campaign calling on Europe’s biggest leasing firms to go faster on electrification. People might wonder why T&E has now decided to target the leasing sector.

The holy grail of Transport & Environment – as its name suggests  – is to decarbonise transport as soon as we can. Rapid electrification is one of the – if not the most – effective way to achieve this. But in order to get there, we believe that everyone in the automotive sector has to play their part. 

Leasing firms play a huge role in accomplishing this mission: with a  fleet of millions of cars they have a big impact on the cars people drive and as such the pace at which we make the much needed shift to electric. The leasing giants claim that they are already doing their fair share and accelerate electrification, but is this really the case? 

When taking a closer look at their climate plans, I am not convinced. Electrification targets of leasing firms are weak (most of them don’t even have any) and not one company has set an end date for leasing fossil fuel cars. This is in strong contrast with many carmakers and fleets that have already committed to go 100% electric by 2030. 

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Transport and Environment, 17 Oct 2023: The leasing sector is looking for a green leader