Ukraine’s reconstruction must be fit for a green future

(Context, 11 May 2023) As G7 nations prepare for this month’s summit, they should start planning to support a sustainable recovery for Ukraine built on clean energy.

By Connie Hedegaard, former EU Commissioner for Climate Action. Chairman of KR Foundation, Concito and OECD Round Table for Sustainability

New satellite images of Mariupol from Google Maps-released for the first time since Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian city began in March 2022 - reveal cities and towns devastated by relentless shelling, and abandoned homes and factories turned into bombsites. Ukrainians need no reminder of the toll this war has taken - but for the rest of the world, these images are a stark reminder of the task ahead of Ukraine once the conflict ends.Europe should be proud of the military, diplomatic and humanitarian support we have given Ukraine. It goes without saying that we should continue to support and grow the coalition of nations standing behind its government and citizens.

But as the G7 summit looms this month, we must also turn our focus to the future. It’s our responsibility to find and finance solutions that position the country for a sustainable, long-term and future-proof recovery

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Context, 11 May 2023: Ukraine’s reconstruction must be fit for a green future